Living a Creative Life.

IMG_0404This year I have begun to look at living a creative life in earnest, incorporating the artistic into the daily routine and setting challenges and goals into my day to day existence. Before I poodled and pondered about pursuing my art as more than a hobby but it had been sat long in the pipeline. So having said this, it is time that projects long in the planning are beginning to be pushed into the forefront and dreams and aspirations move from the imagination into the physical. With this I am declaring my intentions here, loud and proud! For the purpose of accountability and to let the universe know that I am ready for a new an exciting chapter in my story.

My intentions are as follows;

1. To create every day.

2. To set myself timed challenges along weekly or monthly themes.

3. To write and illustrate, ‘The Great Race,’ aimed at a young audience with further goals to publish (and more books to come).

4. To set up Tutti & Tea, an art and design venture, including a social media presence via blog, instagram, a facebook page and someday to have it’s own website.

5. To keep pursuing a creative life.

Here they are, declared to the universe, now to get to work!

Wishing you light and love,

Emily & Tutti


One comment

  1. It looks like you are well on your way. Thanks for dropping by friendlyfairytales. I like your different representations of the sky, your zodiac animals and your nature photos. Good luck with your children’s book!


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