Gardens and More Gardens!

So recently I went to Singapore for the weekend to see my other half. Currently we are doing the long distance thing which includes little adventures such as these.


This adventure included one of my passions and joys, the natural world! I am fascinated by and love nature and will openly admit to being a full on tree hugger and was spoilt to a weekend full of sensational gardens including The Botanical Gardens with the most amazing orchid garden I’ve ever seen, and The Gardens by the Bay. They were just magical, I actually became quite emotional in the cloud forest dome, trust me it is the work of a genius! I took hundreds of photos that I couldn’t possibly include them all, but here is just a taste of the amazing and beautiful gardens.

Being surrounded by such amazing natural beauty has given me so many ideas to incorporate into my art and my ambition to live a creative life that I actually had to start writing them down and hopefully soon you will see the results of what was an inspiring and wonderful weekend!


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