Please be patient.

IMG_0402Some days it’s all rainbows, cuddles and cupcakes…others like thunderstorms, tantrums and gremlins! There’s no way of telling which way the wind will blow, you just have to hope for the best and try to prepare for the worst.

Each year you get a new class of little people, all beautiful, some feisty, others shy and at the grand age of two, the personalities are taking form. Loud and proud and taking no prisoners. You get new parents too, great people – funny, caring and passionate and I love them and I miss them as each year passes. I really mean love when I use it too, I mean it sincerely. I remember families from years ago and am glad to have been a small part in their lives.

I love this age, I love teaching, clearly… I’ve been around for a while, but honestly some days are challenging. I pray for peace, patience and understanding, I sometimes want to put a sign on my classroom door that says, “Trust me! I will love your child, care for them, teach them and god help anyone who says anything against them because I will have no mercy! But please be patient with me – a room full of burgeoning personalities inevitably means there will be a few bumps along our path, not everyone will see eye to eye, there will be tears, and accidents will happen! I’ll not keep secrets from you and I will listen to all your concerns but please have patience, I’m only human too!”

Today for example was a mish-mash of crazy, this included;

“don’t lick his bottom,”

and “yes, I’m painting your feet,”

among the funnier moments… but also;

“mummy is coming back, it’s ok, you’re ok, I’m here.” 

And “we don’t bite our friends, it’s not nice.”

Some tough emails followed. I hate writing these, they never get easier. I’d love to just send happy thoughts and moments and not dread the replies that may or may not follow.

I don’t remember being that young honestly, not entirely anyway, but while I don’t believe I had the urge to lick anyone, at the age of 32 there are days when I still think some people could do with more than a strong word. I get frustrated and thankfully telepathy is not an average skill. So I ask please have patience with your teacher, trust the process and have faith, we are all learning, living and growing together and some days will be sparkly and fabulous and others… not so much, but we will try again tomorrow.



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