How do I help my little people?

IMG_0406The last two days I have to admit have been a bit of a struggle. I love my job and my age group but right now, especially this week, it has been frustrating (and yes I know it’s only Tuesday.) How do I teach my children emotional resilience, encourage them with compassion and patience and still have them following routine and instructions in a productive manner? They certainly have big personalities, strong personalities, but many of them are still very much in the ‘I’m going to scream and cry if I don’t get my way!’ stage. I keep telling myself we are only 6 weeks in but honestly, normally my class is much more settled with only a few moments that need addressing. This week they are appearing daily, if not hourly and it’s not fun. It did not help when the week began with change, a missing person or change to the routine is always disruptive and I’m truly hoping that this is the main perpetrator to this weeks unsettled behaviour. I want them to be happy and engaged at school, to feel safe and secure and most importantly to learn new and exciting things. Having said that school is about learning structure, routine and the desirable classroom attitude and behaviour.

Anyway, tomorrow is another new day and every day is the opportunity to try again, grow and work together. I think it is time to introduce a socio-emotional program to morning group time and together we will work on our feelings and how to make good choices and the best to express ourselves. Here’s to a better day tomorrow!


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