Little by little, a little becomes a lot.

IMG_0363Here is just a little update and hello. I like to keep my blogs regular although I don’t know about you but life is moving ever so fast lately.

Currently I am sketching up layouts for the Jade Emperor’s palace and working on backgrounds to my project in progress, the deadline is looming and there is still much to do. My biggest fear at this point is letting my amazing and supportive loved ones down so this is keeping me going, because really what drives us if not the faith those who believe in us have?

I am attempting to remain organised however have recently accepted I’m not a bullet journalling kind of girl and really the truth is making simple lists make me just as happy. I’m still keeping my finances logged and you know, the big things are in there, but really I like a ready made diary (the ready-lined grids appeal to my lil tendencies that like everything all neat and tidy).

In other exciting news I shall be going to England for Christmas (it has been a very long time) and my gorgeous boo is coming to meet the family, so I’m super happy! Also this may mean I get the new Terry Pratchett diary for next year, so although I am certainly not wishing the time away, I am very excited about a new diary. I think it’s a teacher thing but my little heart does love stationary so.

Talking of teacher life, class is moving along, currently we are learning about pirates and although we have our little challenges, progress is being made (slowly but still progress nonetheless). Although my lil ones are taking a bit longer to settle I am loving teaching art this year, certainly helped by the fact I am the HOD and am teaching my plans and not someone else’s. I love art and it gives me such joy when my art classes are seen as something to look forward to, it makes my inner teacher feel loved.

Anyway, I better crack on with my project, I’ll keep you updated and soon (hopefully) I will have my first book!

Light and love x




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