Embrace the glorious mess that you are.

Yes, I am a mess, a chaotic, slightly unhinged at times and even a glorious creative mess at best.


This week had a rough start, and by rough I mean laying on my bathroom floor in a puddle rough… are migraines not an amazing thing! I was finally getting my ducks in order when at 2am Tuesday morning I had a show stopping migraine with a nose bleed and vomiting as a side dish of fun. So the rest of the week was spent playing catch up, not only that, but my absence highlighted a few things that for lack of a better word are bullsh*t. I have accepted, processed, currently building a bridge and getting over these things, so I shall not dwell on them further, but I was not a happy bunny.

So what do you do when all starts to unravel? I will tell you…You make a HUGE mess! A Jackson Pollock inspired art class, followed by more textured papers in my home room made me feel so much better about life. There is something uplifting about thwacking paint and glue across a clean sheet of paper that fills me with hope and energy and I have decided from now on whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed or blue, I shall make a hideous amount of mess to address this yuckiness and turn it into something vibrant, energising and beautiful.

So here’s to looking forward to a brighter, happier, more positive week.

Light and love xxx


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