Pause and breathe.

CB97DAE1-5035-428D-A99C-A36FA2E4EBD7The heavy rains have passed for now and the sunrise was fresh and bright this morning. There’s something so rejuvenating about the morning after a storm, I like to take tea with the plants on the balcony  as they appear so much more vibrant and alive. It’s a good time to just breathe, appreciate the power and beauty of Mother Nature and realise that we are but a small piece in a bigger picture. I know I am terrible for letting my anxieties build up so much so they begin to overwhelm me with their demands,  however mornings like these make me feel clean and calm again. They remind me that nothing is permanent and all things shall pass, to have faith in the greater being of the universe and to believe in the essence and energy of all things.

This week was a three day weekend and as much as I truly love my job I can honestly swear I’ve never met a teacher who does not secretly look forward to these pauses in an often chaotic term. It’s a good reminder to take a moment to relax, follow passions and be truly grateful for our blessings. As I took a moment to meditate on my little green balcony this morning I felt a great sense of love emanating from the universe, telling me that everything will work out and that I am loved. So with this in mind I have taken time to further my understanding of various educational philosophies, researched and discovered new ideas, been working on my book and especially been present in the moment.

Light and love xxx


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