Time flies (way too fast)

My dad told me once that the older you get the quicker time passes…well quite frankly it’s going too fast and I’m only 32! I don’t like it! It’s Thursday already and I’ve only been out of pyjamas twice this week, something I am very proud of! Not that I’ve been lazy, no no, I have cleaned, sorted, organised and arranged everything from the drawers, to the kitchen cabinets to art materials.


I have been attempting a cleansing of both physical and mental areas in my life. Naturally the physical is easier, also lending itself to my perhaps unhealthy obsession with sheet masks. However, this week I had intended to spend on a mission of self love, and I’d like to think that I have been successful on beginning that journey. I say beginning as there’s still a long way to go and recent events having highlighted a very self critical and anxious part of my personality has certainly given me direction. I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts, read a lot of articles and meditated a whole bunch. So here’s to a kinder, calmer me in future weeks (fingers crossed).

For those who do not know me I’m a happy lil pagan and our new year is fast approaching and although technically not Spring (although in Thailand it could be) I have Spring cleaned! I rather enjoy big cleaning missions, I like the ‘job well done’ feeling that follows. Of course no cleaning job is complete without a great soundtrack, usually a mish mash of ridiculous dance music and of course, Queen. As I was cleaning my art space (coffee table) I re-read a note given to me by a wonderful friend and amazing teacher I had the great fortune to work with before she left. It inspires me, gives me faith and reminds me that my little efforts are noticed and have their own influence in the world. Obviously, I’m blessed with incredibly supportive family and friends, should any doubt creep in to my mind as it is want to do, they quash it with great aplomb. That’s what we all need in life, a tribe of our own giving us heart and vanquishing all enemies of self doubt!


I have also been working away at my book, the more I do the more I realise needs doing, so it’s back to the paints today, but I’m pleased with the progress. Although I have not made as much progress as I had hoped, in the effort to be kinder to myself I acknowledge that I have indeed made progress and on that note I shall crack on, updates soon.

Light and love x



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