Refuse to sink!

IMG_0400A large part of this last week was awful, horrid, soul-crushing and just bloody awful. I won’t go into detail because it still makes me cry and honestly I do not know if my body can afford to lose anymore water. Dwelling on it doesn’t improve anything and to say the least is probably best, HOWEVER, on a positive note, this week it has highlighted something that I already knew but has kept me together… my goodness people can be fucking awesome! I cannot truly express how grateful I am for the love and support I received this week, the unfailing belief and the kindness shown when others were not so kind. There were the cuddles, pop ins, messages, phone calls, dinners, daiquiris and red wine that were shared so freely and not a hint of embarrassment from you when I sat in a public restaurant and cried or in yoga class when I just couldn’t stop the tears from falling. It’s hard some days when you are trying your best and there are those in the world who do not think you’re good enough, they don’t like or approve of you or your style and are quick to let you know. It’s hard, it has been really hard. So this is a message to those people who have kept me together when I was ready to walk – I love you, I appreciate you and you are amazing.

Light and love x


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