I continue to grow and learn.

IMG_0399The past few weeks have been a trying time with one thing and another. Deadlines have been moved unintentionally due to unforeseen circumstances and unexpected work changes and this has been truly frustrating to the point of exasperation. However, even as I sit here waiting for the next set of images to download three days later than the final deadline I set myself, I am still filled with hope. This year an intention of mine was to be kinder and more understanding towards myself and as upset as I am for not being able to meet my original goal, I am proud that I haven’t given up. I have grown and continue to learn as progress is being made, even though it is slow, it IS still progress and I continue with faith and determination. Often in life you just have to hold on to your dreams and keep plugging away against the hurdles thrown at you in a sheer bloody-minded stubbornness if nothing else. I have not given up and I will reach the end goal!


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