Jumping in!

IMG_0398.JPGIt’s crazy to think that three weeks ago I was terrified, unsure and ready to hide under a rock and now…over 150 books sold and feeling lighter and a little braver. Now don’t get me wrong, I am by no means a warrior ready to take on the world, unless by taking on the world you mean getting my pajamas on, making a pot of tea and having a tinker with some crafts but, it has certainly made me reflect on the times when I’ve played it safe, chosen the road of least resistance and even though I am one who would rather avoid difficulties or confrontation for the most part maybe it’s time that I jump in with both feet. I have, in a rush of excitement, already written the next book, started a knitting project and considering future projects that have crept forth from the back of my to do lists and made their presence known. Not everything we endeavor in life will be great successes, and trust me I know what an epic failure looks and feels like, however, if we do not try then how will we know? Here’s to getting our feet wet and new adventures.

Light and love xxx


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