The Cone of Shame and Other Adventures.


It’s been the very hungry caterpillar week of yuckiness…

On Monday, she came home and found Tutti with a swollen lower left eyelid, the panic begins…

On Tuesday the vet punctured the eyelid and gave her lotions and potions and warnings, possible surgery required…

On Wednesday after the morning battle with the beast, her phone jumped in a suicidal fashion and smashed itself into tiny pieces… should she go back into work this week? It’s  not looking good…

On Thursday a rainfall and a slip made the body hurt and then there were meetings and issues with the moving paperwork making heart and chest tighten, the budgets changed and adjusted (there’s not enough pennies)…

Then Friday arrived and after a week of much yuckiness, she jumped on three motorcycles for pickups and checkups and finally had some good news; surgery may not be needed (fingers crossed) and Tutti has been approved to move to Singapore (I’m still a mystery)…

The moral of this story…

Some weeks are poo!

So yeah, this week wasn’t fun, and as much as I try to stay positive, this week was hard. It’s a real test of light, love and patience and this week proved that I still have a long way on how to best handle changes in situations. Hopefully things will get easier and be all sorted soon.

Light and Love 💕


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