Children’s Room Commissions.

I was lucky enough to work on some commissions recently for delightful twin boys. One loves trains and the other cars and both love the natural world around them, so with this in mind I created designs to incorporate their favourite things. With a couple of tweaks to the original designs I set to work... Continue Reading →

The Great Race.

Around every Chinese New Year I am excited to tell my students the story of 'The Great Race,' and how each year became named after one of the animals in the Chinese horoscope. Yet each year I have struggled to truly tell it with the love I feel for the story and this¬†inspired me to... Continue Reading →

Living a Creative Life.

This year I have begun to look at living a creative life in earnest, incorporating the artistic into the daily routine and setting challenges and goals into my day to day existence. Before I poodled and pondered about pursuing my art as more than a hobby but it had been sat long in the pipeline.... Continue Reading →

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